Information about the work being undertaken by the Westminster Centre for Research and Innovation in Veterans’ Wellbeing, including the research of our PhD and MSc students.


Finding the Forgotten

This study is designed to assess the impact of a strategy designed to motivate veterans to register with their GP and improve PHC awareness and knowledge of veteran related issues.  This study is being undertaken in four North West GP practices.  

Funded by NHS England.

Nurse Education Today (NET) Veterans Special Issue

As the Assistant Editor for NET, I am delighted to provide a link to all articles in a recently published special issue.
NET is the leading international nursing academic journal, and last year agreed to support a Veterans special issue.  As part of their commitment to the Veteran Community, Elsevier have agreed to open access to all articles in this edition until the end of the year.  A large number of the areas addressed are under-researched, so it should prove to be a useful nursing and clinical reference. I'm hoping it might be of some use, and please feel free to distribute further if you see a need,    
This special issue provides evidence of truly original nursing research and innovative practice which reach out to the veteran population. Nurse educators are positive agents of change who are championing constructive activity in relation to the prevention, detection and treatment of illness, and to the support of veterans to maximise their physical health and mental wellbeing.
The articles cover a range of topics, including the challenges facing veterans and their families; the unique demands on women veterans; and the readiness of hospital nurses for disaster response. 

Fit To Tackle at Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club

Fit to Tackle is a Warrington based weight management and lifestyle programme that aims to make a positive contribution to healthcare in a language and structure that the local population can relate too.  The focus of the programme is physical activities which are delivered 3 times per week over a 12-week period. Embedded within the programme are public health and mental health educational components. The initiative is hosted by Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club’s Foundation and the study is being undertaken in collaboration with Warrington Borough Council, Warrington CCG with “Livewire” who co-ordinate the sessions.

Neil Kelly, Director of the Warrington Wolves Foundation delivered a presentation at the Westminster Centre’s Veterans Wellbeing Symposium on 17 November 2016, and Neil’s slides are available on this website.

Further Wolves Foundation details can be viewed here 


 Current Research


Dave Sacree (PhD Student)

A Mother’s Experience of her Son’s Combat Injuries: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. 

You can find out more about Dave's work here


Tony Frith (PhD Student)

Mental health and veterans in primary healthcare

Warrant Officer 2 Emma Jolliffe

The Occupational Stress of Military Mental Health Nurses within the UK Armed Forces.



Tom Kersey (MSc Student) 

The implications of using group art psychotherapy for treating armed forces veterans with PTSD.


Craig Hooper

An exploration of the diversifications in clinical practices undertaken by  Ambulance Intervention Team clinician’ within Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attacks.


Lieutenant Colonel Debra Ritsperis

The Barriers and Facilitators to Becoming a Nurse in the Defence Medical Services.