Interprofessional Education

Riverside Campus, Chester

The Department of Social Work and Interprofessional Education is comprised of two areas. For information on Interprofessional Education, please see below. Information on Social Work can be found via

The Head of Department is Julie Bailey-McHale; or 01244 512271.

Academic Programme


The following courses are delivered through the department;

          Advanced Oral Health Sciences (FdSc)*

Cancer Care (PG Cert)

Doctor of Professional Studies (D. Prof) in Health and Social Care

Education for PG Medical Practice (MA)

Endodontology (MSc) - delivered in partnership with simplyendo

Oncology for Health and Social Care Practitioners (PG Cert)

Professional Education (MEd)

Professional Education (PG Cert)

Professional Studies (MSc)

Restorative Dentistry (MSc) - delivered in partnership with Red Square


*subject to validation


Key Department Contacts  


The Deputy Head of Department is Eve Collins; or 01925 534071

The Departmental Administrator is Julie Dodd, or 01244 511622