The Faculty has considerably enhanced its international profile over the years, in relation to courses of study (including work with partner organisations), bids, Erasmus exchanges and development work; this has created a more outward looking experience for both staff and students.


International students are currently accessing programmes within the Faculty including the MSc Global Health, Master of Public Health and MSc Professional Nursing.  More information for International Students is available here.

Additionally, overseas academic partnerships with Department of Health and Social Services, States of Jersey, University College Isle of Man deliver programmes which are very positively evaluated, and international academic activity continues to grow. To find out more about the Faculty’s academic partnerships, please click here.

Erasmus exchanges, for academics, administrative staff and students, take place on a yearly basis and have included visits to Finland, Norway and Iceland. 

Prestigious European bids include Grundtvig, Erasmus and the British Council, with the Faculty working collaboratively with other Universities and voluntary sector organisations across Europe. Successful global bids have been obtained from the Tropical Health Education Trust, UK India Education and Research Initiative and Santander. 

The Faculty engaged in a collaborative Tropical Health Education Trust project, to develop education and patient services at Kisiizi Hospital in South Western Uganda, from 2007-2012.  Since then, the Faculty has continued to support education and provide opportunities for staff to visit Uganda, increasing their cultural awareness and influencing their practice as teachers.


For more information on International work within the Faculty, please contact:

Lisa King

Faculty Co-ordinator for International Provision

Faculty of Health and Social Care

Tel: 01244 512229