Partnership Working

A guide to the Faculty’s excellent collaborations with stakeholders in health and social care, including our range of collaborative partnerships in learning and practice.

Our Practice Placement Partnerships

The Faculty works with a number of health and social care organisations to support our students from theory to practice. Placement learning is a major component of professional programmes and the Faculty has well established systems in place to develop placement capacity and to monitor the quality of learning environments. There are a range of placement opportunites for students on a range of course, from Pre-Registration Nursing and Midwifery to those studying in other areas such as Social Work and Art Therapy.

For more information on Practice (Nursing and Midwifery), please contact:

Louise Shorney

Faculty Co-ordinator for Practice Learning and Skills Development

Faculty of Health and Social Care

Tel: 01244 511628


For more information on Practice (Social Work), please contact:

Helen Fruin

Placements Co-ordinator, Social Work

Faculty of Health and Social Care

Tel: 01925 534631


Organisations interested in becoming a Practice Placement Partnership of the Faculty should contact for Nursing and Midwifery placements (please see for a current list of organisations which we work with in these areas),

Please contact our Social Work Placement Administrator Diane Dobson on to find out more about becoming a Social Work Practice Placement Partner.

The Academic Link in Practice (ALP) role undertaken by academic staff incorporates dedicated time within lecturers’ teaching workload to support mentors and practice educators and to promote inter-professional learning in practice. Social Work students are assigned a Personal Tutor from the department who will support them in practice, including visiting them at their placement organisation, and practice educators based in placements also recieve support and training from the practice team.

The Faculty has four Practice Development and Research Partnerships which provide a network of service user led research and work based learning opportunities for practitioners to enhance patient care and the clinical learning environment for students.

Our Academic Partners

The University awards a number of undergraduate and postgradute qualifications which are delivered in partnership with other organisations. These may be courses written by the University and authorised for delivery by other organisations, or independent courses developed by academic partner organisations, and validated by the University in line with it's Principles and Regulations.

The Faculty currently works with nine academic partners, based in the UK and overseas.

 We also have academic links with a number of other international organisations around the world.

For more information on academic partnerships, please contact:

Traci Whitfield

Faculty Co-ordinator for Partnerships

Faculty of Health and Social Care

Tel: 01270 612331


Our Collaborative Working

The Faculty is involved in a number of projects in partnership with organisations in the health and social care sector. For more information, please click on the links below:

SN@P Numeracy Assessment and Education

Charity of the Year

To celebrate the Warrington Disability Partnership's 25th Anniversary, the Warrington Campus and the Faculty of Health and Social Care of the University of Chester have pledged to raise £2,500 to help generate a legacy fund of £150,000, which will enable WDP to provide funding to employ at least five young disabled people each year.  You can find out more here.

Service User Involvement

The Faculty has a strong track record of engaging service users in programme planning and delivery and in the selection of students.