Postgraduate Medical, Dental and Interprofessional Education

Riverside Campus, Chester

The Department of Postgraduate Medical, Dental and Inter-professional Education offer a range of innovative and dynamic programmes, bespoke modules and workshops to meet the requirements of our stakeholders. We are committed to post graduate education and the wide-ranging profile of programmes are designed to promote inter-professional learning through specific clinical and educational programmes.

Academic Programme

The Department of Post Graduate Medical, Dental and Inter-professional Education works closely with other departments within the Faculty of Health and Social Care to provide programmes, modules and bespoke workshops  across the four main sites (Riverside Campus in Chester, Leighton in Crewe, Warrington Campus and Wirral at Clatterbridge) or within individual organisations dependant on demand.

All programmes offered have been developed in consultation with stakeholders and users, including local health and social care providers, to meet the changing needs in workforce and service provision.  

The department has extensive expertise in assisting practitioners gain academic credit through Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning and Accreditation of Prior Learning (APEL/APL).  The department is responsive to learners' needs and with that has developed numerous Work-Based Learning (WBL) modules. This method of learning provides practitioners with the opportunity to develop bespoke modules individually tailored to the individual's requirements.

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