Health and Social Care Commissioning

Health and social care professionals of the future need to be proactive in commissioning services to function strategically within dynamic professional and political contexts. This demands the development of capability, expertise and innovation in commissioning, as well as the ability to work in collaborative partnerships with multiple stakeholders.

Module Code NM7008
Level 7
Credits 20
Cost Contact Admissions


The aims of the module are to:

  • Promote critical understanding of the underpinning knowledge, statutory duties of co-operation, assessment and care planning processes essential to commissioning services and driving health and social care reform.
  • Enable you to use knowledge and skills to effect expert and imaginative commissioning plans and service redesign.
    Promote appropriate strategies for critical thinking, reflective practice and personal development.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Critically appraise processes and strategies of health and social care commissioning.
  • With critical insight, review influencing factors and drivers of commissioning in contemporary health and social care services.
  • Analytically critique the roles of health and social care professionals in commissioning appropriate local, regional and national services.
  • Demonstrate mastery in critical thinking and reflexivity on health and social care needs assessment processes and commissioning.
  • Critically review processes of planning and designing health and social care services and incorporating partnership and collaboration with stakeholders and service users.
  • Critically appraise and justify implementation of commissioning and contracting for health and social care services.
  • Deconstruct and synthesise contracting to effect appropriate health and social care commissioning for short- and long-term health gain.

KSF – Core Dimensions

This module contributes to the following core dimensions:
1 Communication   
2 Personal and People Development 
3 Health, Safety and Security  
4 Service Improvement   
5 Quality   
6 Equality and Diversity


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Helen Carr
Module Leader
Faculty of Health and Social Care
University of Chester
Wirral Site (Clatterbridge)
Clatterbridge General Hospital
Wirral CH63 4JY

T: 01925 534057

Health and Social Care Admissions
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