Working with People with Dementia and their Carers

Issues surrounding dementia cannot be overestimated with regard to impact on individuals, their families and care organisations. As a result, those working in health and social care are being encouraged to increase their knowledge base, which in turn should assist them when attempting to work with people who are living with this condition.

Module Code NM6149
Level 6
Credits 20
Cost Contact Admissions


The aims of the module are to:

  • Enable practitioners working in a range of different care settings to develop their approach in the management of care for the person with dementia, and their carers based on assessed need.
  • Enable you to apply best evidence in practice to promote the quality of care provided to the person with dementia and their carers.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management strategies used in dementia care.
    In a national and international context, critically evaluate current health and social care provision in managing care for individuals living with dementia.
  • Critically analyse how multidisciplinary approaches can enhance and influence individuals and their carers living with dementia.
  • Critically discuss the resource provision for people with dementia.
  • Critically analyse the effect dementia has on the physical, social, emotional and environmental status of the individual.
  • ritically analyse the influences which may affect the relationships and partnerships between practitioners, carers and individuals with dementia.

KSF – Core Dimensions

This module contributes to the following core dimensions:
1 Communication   
2 Personal and People Development 
3 Health, Safety and Security  
4 Service Improvement   
5 Quality   
6 Equality and Diversity


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Traci Whitfield
Module Leader
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University of Chester
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Leighton General Hospital
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T: 01270 612331

Health and Social Care Admissions
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