Student Experiences

In the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Chester we offer a range of extra activities that add to your student experience.  These activities vary but currently include Student Union societies, Film Festivals, cultural celebrations, gallery and museum visits as well as exhibitions.  Below you can see a selection of these events.

Chinese Language and Culture Evenings

Opportunity of a lifetime across two continents for Modern Language students


Concert Performances:

Final year students in French, German and Spanish who study the module 'Fiction as Film in Europe' had the opportunity to watch a concert performance of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony.  The visit enhanced the students’ study of ‘Death in Venice’ and gave them the opportunity to experience a live performance of the entire symphony.  The understanding of the power of music and its role as a Dionysian art form helped the students to understand through experience what is being taught in class.


Germany’s Confrontation with the Holocaust in a Global Context': an exhibition hosted by the Department of Modern Languages