Dr Yu Shi

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Prior to join Chester, Yu Shi was modelling engineer in Advanced Forming Research Centre, Glasgow in 2015. Yu Shi initially worked for the University of Sheffield as Research Associate since 2013 and then he join University of Exeter as Associate Research Fellow since 2014. Yu Shi started his PhD in 2010 in the University of Sheffield and completed the whole experimental and numerical work as well as thesis writing in 2013, and the degree was formally obtained in 2014. He obtained his MEng in Changwon National University, South Korea, as distinction between 2007-2009 and got his first-class honors for BEng in Dalian University of Technology, China, between 2003-2007. 


BEng(Hons), MEng(Hons), PhD


Yu Shi graduated from Dalian University of Technology, China in 2007 with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. He then obtained the full studentship from Korean Government and graduated with MEng in 2009 from Changwon National University, South Korea. He was awarded Faculty PhD studentship from University of Sheffield, UK in 2010 and complete the whole PhD work in 2 years 10 months, finally awarded by PhD degree in 2014. Yu Shi regularly publishes in the high quality international journals and attends the reputational global conferences for composite research and failure mechanics. One of his paper on modelling impact induced damages in composite structures that was published in 2012 has been cited by 90 journal papers, which gives a significant contribution on this area. 

Since 2013 Yu Shi was research associate in the University of Sheffield to design the novel approach of structural health monitoring of string manufacturing in flat composite panels by Automated Tape placement (ATP) robot with development of finite element analysis to simulate the lamb wave propagation in copmosite lamination process. After that, he joined in the Energy Harvesting Group of University of Exeter in 2014 as Associate Research Fellow for research of developing the novel technique to integrate the energy harvesting elements onto composite made wing of unmanned air vehicles (UAV) from external vibration generated during flight to power the wireless system for structural health and environmental monitoring. He is also looking at the development of numerical (Finite element) modelling for dynamic structural analysis of composite wing and the electricity transmission. In 2015, he completed the project tasks in Exeter in a year and started to work for Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), University of Strathclyde as modelling Engineer. He joined University of Chester in 11/2015 as lecturer in Mechanical Engineering 


Engineering Control – Lab Leader

Dr Yu Shi specialises in Mechanics of Material, Fracture Mechanics, Finite element analysis as teaching interests


Dr Yu Shi is specialised in composite structures and computational damage prediction of composite materials. He is interested in developing the mechanical properties of composite structures that involve the hybrid fibre laminates as well as light weight sandwich structures for novel manufacturing and machining (drilling, laser cutting etc).

He is also interested in developing the finite element simulation techniques to predict the complicated damage mechanisms in composite structures, such as the interaction of intra- and inter-laminar damages in composite laminates, as well as the crack form and propagation when subjected to the external dynamic loading. The structural health monitoring and repair in composite structures is another research interests by combining the energy harvesting techniques mounted onto aircraft composite components. 

Published work

Journals (Latest five representative journal papers published)

Shi Y, Soutis C. Modelling transverse matrix cracking and splitting of cross-ply composite laminates under four point bending. Theoretical and applied fracture mechanics 2015.

Shi Y, Pinna C, Soutis C. Modelling impact damage in composite laminates: A simulation of intra- and inter-laminar cracking. Composite Structures 2014; 114:10-9.

Shi Y, Pinna C, Soutis C. Interface Cohesive Elements to Model Matrix Crack Evolution in Composite Laminates. Applied Composite Materials 2013.

Shi Y, Swait T, Soutis C. Modelling damage evolution in composite laminates subjected to low velocity impact. Composite Structures 2012; 94: 2902-13.

Shi Y. Soutis C. A finite element analysis of impact damage in composite laminates. Aeronautical Journal 2012; 116(1186): 1331-47.

Book Chapters

Shi Y, Pinna C, Soutis C. Chapter 5: Damage evolution in composite laminates subjected to low-velocity impact. Dynamic Deformation, Damage and Fracture in Composite Materials and Structures. Woodhead

Conferences (Latest five representative journal papers published)

Shi Y, Pinna C, Soutis C. Modelling impact damage characteristics of composite laminates accounting for matrix cracking and splitting failure modes. The 4th Canadian conference on nonlinear solid mechanics (CanCNSM 2013), Montreal, July 2013.

Leonard F, Shi Y, Pinna C, Soutis C, Withers PJ. Impact damage characterisation of fibre/metal laminates by X-ray computed tomography. The conference on industrial computed tomography 2014 (ICT 2014), Austria, 2014.

Shi Y, Pinna C, Soutis C. Modelling the transverse matrix cracking and splitting of composite laminates using cohesive elements. Deformation and fracture of composites (DFC-12) & Structural integrity and multi-scale modelling (SI-6), Cambridge, April 2013.

Shi Y, Soutis C. Modelling low velocity impact damage in composite laminates. 10th international conference on durability of composite systems, Brussels, September 2012.

Shi Y, Song JI. Impact behaviour on FMLs subjected to low velocity impact. The Seventh Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Composite Materials. Kanazawa, Japan, 2009.