Dr Mark Pickard

Senior Lecturer

I contribute to teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. I obtained my BSc and PhD degrees in biochemistry from the University of London.


BSc, PhD (University of London)


I teach on a number of modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I am a fellow member of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (FIBMS); member of both the British and European Societies for Immunology (BSI/ESI); and a current member of the Faculty of Applied Sciences Research Ethics Committee.


Following a brief spell in industry, working for a pharmaceutical consultancy, I returned to academia.

I have >30 years’ experience in academic research, focusing variously on the role of the intrauterine thyroid hormone environment in foetal development, the characterization of novel regulators of cell survival in the context of cancer (especially breast, prostate and blood cancers) and applications for magnetic nanoparticles and other nanomaterials in neural engineering.

I have published in excess of 50 scientific papers in these areas. My current research largely focuses on long noncoding RNAs and their roles in cell survival and cell differentiation.