Professor Frank Joseph

Consultant Physician in Endocrinology, Clinical Director for Urgent Care

Prof. Joseph is a Consultant Physician in Endocrinology, Diabetes, General & Acute Internal Medicine at the Countess of Chester Hospital. He is the clinical lead for an award winning Integrated Diabetes Services. He is Chairman of the North West pre-gestational diabetes audit group and Chairman of the Western Cheshire Diabetes Network.

His other leadership role includes Clinical Director for Urgent Care. He has also previously been the chairman of the new consultant committee, chairman of the Acute Medical Care Committee and the Acute Care Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians, London. He is currently the Future Hospital Officer at the Royal College of Physicians, London and is a member of the Future Hospital Program Board.





Prof. Joseph is very much a family man with 3 young children, Holly, Megan and Aiden and his specialist subject courtesy of his youngest is Thomas the Tank Engine!

He enjoys playing the guitar and has spent some time as a thespian doing Shakespeare amongst other things. He also enjoys sport and believes that healthy is the new happy!


Professor Joseph taught on Undergraduate and Postgraduate medical curricula with regard to diabetes, endocrinology and clinical leadership. He has also taught in multi-professional settings on diabetes and endocrine diagnosis and therapies. In his role at the Royal College of Physicians he contributes to the development and direction of medical education and training.



  • Society for Endocrinology, Undergraduate Achievement Award 2013 – for encouraging excellence in the study of endocrinology by undergraduate students.
  • Member of steering group, developing content and delivering RCP, London's "Doctors as Leaders" course
  • Convener, 1st ever Soc. for Endo Clinical Cases Day, Liverpool 2011 with conference grant of £3000
  • Administrator & Co-organiser MRCP PACES exam hosted by COCH 2009-2011. Examiner feedback “superbly organised”
  • Organising quarterly CPD sessions for Mersey New Consultants Forum
  • Co-organising Mersey RCP Teach-ins and regional updates at the LMI as part of the Mersey RCP team
  • Successful obtainment & regular delivery of diabetes education sessions on monthly mid-wife training days
  • Authored NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries for Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin treatment
  • Author of topics on the Endo.Soc. public website,“You and Your Hormones" - received certificate of recognition for patient education from the Endoc. Soc.
  • Lead for Mersey Diab & Endo Regional SpR evening teaching programme
  • Delivering lectures for Local Branch of Diabetes UK patient group
  • Lecturer on Pastest MRCP part 1course (3 times a year)
  • Convenor, Lecturer and Chair of Chester & North Wales Endocrine Meeting 2012
  • Invited lectures:
  • Metab. Bone Dis. Conf., Lon. 2012
  • British Assoc. of Cardiovasc Prevention & Rehab. Conf. Birm. 2012
  • Regional obstetric & rheumatology SpR teaching
  • Liverpool Univ Careers Day 2012
  • Young Diabetologists Forum & Endo. Soc. Careers Fayre 2012
  • Administrator and organiser MRCP PACES exam 2008-2010 and assisted with organisation 2011
  • Associate Royal College of Physicians tutor 2002-3.
  • Organising committee for MRCP PACES Roadshow at Countess of Chester 2010.
  • Lecturer on Pastest MRCP part 1 written course (3 times a year).
  • Clinical Supervisor for Advanced Nurse Practitioners undertaking Independent  Prescribing Courses
  • Educational Lead for Diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Set up and chaired “Mersey Joint Diabetes and Renal SpR Meetings and Educational Grant Program” 2008-2009
  • Lecturer on the John Moore’s University Pharmacy Diploma course Diabetes and Endocrinology Module 2007-2008
  •  Patron of Local Branch of Diabetes UK - attending patient meetings & delivering lectures.
  • Advanced Life Support instructor (2 per year)
  • Organisation of departmental diabetes dept monthly education programme
  • Undergraduate teaching, diabetes and endocrine tutorials for juniors (including surgical & A+E juniors), F1 tutorials, MRCP tutorials & PACES teaching
  • Full participation and lectures delivered in hospital’s grand rounds & rolling half days.
  • Frequently invited to deliver lectures to GPs, practice nurses & pharmacists.
  • Excellent feedback scores always received for teaching


He leads a successful clinical trials unit that has achieved highest recruitment figures nationally to studies involving cutting edge therapies for diabetes and its complications. He publishes in peer reviewed journals on a regular basis on various diabetes and endocrine topics and presents nationally and internationally.

The areas of focus of academic work include the use of multimedia education in people with diabetes and the impact of education on knowledge, anxiety and clinical outcomes in different groups of people with diabetes.

Published work


  • CME in Acute Medicine; Clinical Medicine; July 2015
  • Acute Care Toolkits; Royal College of Physicians, London



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