Professor Rosemary Morgan


B.Sc Hons Med Biol St Andrews 1985

BCh MB University of Wales 1989

MRCP 1992 RCP London

FRCP 2002  RCP London

Physicians as Educators 2004 (RCP London)

Masters Clinical Education 2009 University of Edghill

ALS and IMPACT Instructor


Rosemary completed a B.Sc in Med Biol and undergraduate studies at the University of St Andrews in 1985 and completed clinical studies at the University of Wales, qualifying in July 1989.

She later came to Merseyside and completed a registrar rotation in geriatric medicine and gastroenterology before moving to Manchester as Senior Registrar to complete training in geriatric and gastroenterology.

Rosemary was appointed Consultant Geriatrician with specialist interest in gastroenterology in October 1996 with a keen interest in education.

In 2001 she was appointed RCP Tutor,  and subsequently Foundation Programmed Director and Postgraduate Clinical Tutor at Wirral University Teaching Hospital until 2007.

She is currently TPD General Internal Medicine HEE NW Mersey.


ALS/IMPACT Instructor

Undergraduate-preparing for LOCAS examinations

Postgraduate PACES teaching

RCP examiner

LOCAS examiner since 1997.

Led on development  and teaching of ANPs in Geriatric Medicine

Ran both local and national study days including “How to teach”, PACES courses Updates on acute medicine for foundation trainees and Nutritional Study days.  


Primarily education.


Published work

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Masterclass Clinical Skills.RCP  Elderly Medicine Section – Co-author – Pub 2009


Letters published

Post-mortem examinations are the final audit. BMJ 1995:310:870

Urban hypothermia. Many elderly people cannot keep warm in winter without financial hardship. BMJ 1996;312:124

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