5th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work 2015

New Directions in Critical Sociology and Social Work:
Identity, Narratives and Praxis


 Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th August 2015


This conference will explore the relationship between social work and identity, narrative and life course. In particular, how such comprehensively explored themes within critical sociology might enhance our understanding of ever changing social work roles, practice and purpose. 


Key Notes


Professor Stephen Webb 


Professor Jan Fook


Dr. Paul Michael Garrett


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This conference will explore the past, present and future relationships between sociology and social work disciplines.


Key Themes


  • The Management of Professional Identities within Sociology and Social Work

  • Using Identity in Sociology and Social Work with Users and Care Givers

  • Narratives and Social Work: Past, present and future directions in sociology and social work

  • Social Work and the Life Course: Safeguarding, mental health, ageing and disability

  • Critical Social Work and Praxis: Utilising feminism, post-structuralism, Marxism or new insights to understand inequalities, power, diversity, role and appreciate social and political context


At a time when reductive theories remain increasingly dominant, this conference on Sociology and Social Work calls for abstracts which remind us of and promote the continued relevance of sociology and critical perspectives to social work education and front-line practice. The conference aims to examine the many ways by which social work identities are managed (in a multi-layered context) and how these may be shaped or managed by beliefs, professional discourses and dominant ideology. The power of narratives in social work (both historical and contemporary) also remains a prevalent theme in social work's identity politics with sociological perspectives providing opportunities regards new directions for social work in the way of praxis. Finally critical life course perspectives may help to enhance the key roles that social work can fulfil throughout key phases of people's lives.

The international conference on Sociology and Social Work at the University of Chester is the fifth of its kind. Previous conferences have taken place in Lisbon, Oslo, Aalborg and California. As a historic medieval city in England Chester is in close proximity to the border of Wales and major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

You can find out more about the city of Chester and key tourist information here.

Bridging the divide between theory and practice, this International Conference looks forward to creating a discursive space for conversation on the relationship of sociology and social work in the context of education, practice, history and research.

We look forward to your participation to build on our existing and growing community of interest in reclaiming sociology in social work against the backdrop of wider political, historical and social constraints.


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