The TRS Team in San Francisco!

The Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion

In November, several members of staff headed to San Francisco to present papers at the joint annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion, the world's largest gathering of biblical, religion and theology scholars.  Despite rumours (and photographs) to the contrary, the Chester staff did not spend most of their time riding the streetcars and eating fish soup.  In fact, Dr Middleton presented papers in the 'Construction of Christian Identities' and 'Religious World of Late Antiquity' sections, Dr Shepherd in the 'Aramaic Studies' and 'Bible and Film' sections, Dr Llewellyn in the 'Gender, Sexuality and the Bible' section and Professor Clough in the Wesleyan Studies section. One of Chester’s Honorary Fellows, Professor Loveday Alexander was honoured with a Festschrift, presented at a special dinner by colleagues from the Book of Acts Section. The book is Reading Acts Today: Essays in Honour of Loveday C.A. Alexander, edited by Steve Walton, Thomas E. Phillips, Lloyd Keith Pietersen, and F. Scott Spencer (LNTS 427; London: Continuum 2011),  In addition to myriad sessions on almost every conceivable aspect of the study of religion, theology and the Bible, this conference boasts the largest annual gathering of TRS publishers (and their books) under one roof and an extraordinary range of satellite meetings and sponsored receptions at which to network.  Next year, the meetings will be taking place in Chicago, (colder than San Francisco, but slightly cheaper!).  Research students interested in attending should speak to their supervisor.