English rated 1st for overall student satisfaction

Whether you look in the Independent, the Guardian or the Sunday Times league tables, you’ll find that the Department of English has consistently been in the top strand for student satisfaction in recent years.  We were also rated excellent in the last national inspection. We take great pride in the fact that our students enjoy their studies with us so much. Just this last year 98% said that staff were good at explaining things, 97% thought that staff were enthusiastic about their subject, and 96% thought that staff made the subject interesting. Not bad!

Whilst we are all passionate about our subject and communicating ideas, it is you and your love for the subject which really matters. Communication is critical and a lively seminar debate which pushes at the  boundaries of understanding is at the core of the learning experience. Behind these figures and league tables are our students and this is what they had to say (anonymously!) in the most recent National Student Survey.


‘The Department of English at Chester makes every student feel part of the department.’

‘My confidence in writing, reading my work aloud, and working in a team has improved dramatically. My technical skills are always being improved, and I feel so much more educated and knowledgeable from my time here. The staff are brilliant at what they do, and passionate about it. Seminars and lectures are made even more enjoyable by the great sense of humour all staff and students share.’

‘The tutors are so enthusiastic and helpful in the Department of English. They are so involved and committed. It makes students feel excited to learn.’

‘All the tutors who have taught me over the past three years have been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed all the modules - including the more challenging ones.’

‘The enthusiasm of tutors is incredible, they are effective and efficient in office hours and answering any questions students may have. They provide energised and encouraging seminars for all to participate and provide handouts for extra information.’

‘The staff all clearly loved their specialist subject and could explain nearly every point I had a problem with.’

‘The staff are accessible and supportive, and the teaching is of a very high quality. The range of taught modules is excellent. The modules are well structured, varied and engaging. Departmental culture is very inclusive.’

‘The teaching is extremely enthusiastic which helps make the course more interesting. Handbooks are very clear and help with organisation and preparation for classes.’

‘Every tutor on the course has been magnificent and each module undertaken was very enjoyable. I would recommend University of Chester to anyone and everyone.’