Case Three: Carrie Valles, Mae Sinlapawanich, Kyawt Zar

A group of students, who travelled thousands of miles from across Asia to study at the University of Chester, will graduate from the city’s cathedral this week.

Carrie Valles, 33, from the Philippines, Supapat Sinlapawanich (known as Mae), 26, from Thailand and Kyawt Zar, 23, from Burma will all receive a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University’s graduation ceremony on Friday, March 16.

Carrie, pictured centre, said one of her reasons for studying in Chester was the city’s history and she made a good choice in the University. She said: “I love it! Studying abroad is an eye opening opportunity for us as international students. It gave us a variety of knowledge, experience and learning that is unforgettable. I enjoyed all the activities - meeting different cultures and knowing our differences and learning from it.Gradution Case Study Three

“The University of Chester met all my expectations. It has been a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. The faculty staff and tutors really supported me and always gave me an answer to my questions and assisted me with my needs in a warm, friendly way with a smile.

“I know I will have a good future and it has boosted my self-confidence through the knowledge and experiences I have gained. I’m ready to face the corporate world.”

Mae, pictured left, said: “I was so glad that I decided to study my Master’s degree at the University of Chester. I had a very warm welcome from Sam Moss in the International office and all the tutors in my Department.

“It is a great memory for me to have studied in Chester. I have learned a lot in my degree both inside and outside of the University. If I hadn’t come to Chester, I would not have been able to broaden my intellectual horizons. I am so proud that I used to be one of the students at this University and I will use my degree to pursue my career goals.”

Kyawt, pictured right, added: “I finished my undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing and decided to follow it with a MBA. I chose Chester because the University is not too big or too small. It feels like home to me, especially the campus which I like a lot.

“I have met great friends and the tutors who supported me throughout my education in Chester. I enjoyed the studies very much, especially my MBA as it was a successful year for me.

“Coming over to the UK to study has benefitted me in many ways. Firstly, my writing skills have improved so much, along with my spoken English. I have become more independent due to being in a different environment and culture. The academic standard is very high in the UK and I have gained a great knowledge and in-depth understanding of the subject studied. My future plans are to find a good career in the UK, relating to marketing or an academic related job. I also plan to study for a PHD in the near future too.” 

Paul Webb, Deputy Programme Leader International MBA and Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Marketing, said: “It is a most rewarding experience for us all in Chester Business School to have the pleasure of teaching the culturally diverse cohorts we recruit to both our Full Time MBA and MSc programmes.

“We do like to think that our level of pastoral support is one key feature of the international student experience that is offered in Chester.

“Carrie, Mae and Kyawt have made a tremendous contribution in their time with us and I am sure will be great ambassadors for the University of Chester.

“We all wish them well in their future careers and very much hope they keep in touch wherever they may go in the world.”