Christian Controversies

Dr Paul Middleton was an invited speaker at the second annual Christian Controversies Conference, held in Chester Cathedral on Wednesday 29th February. 

The conference which examined issues of ethical importance in today’s society relating to the RS GCSE, A/S, and A Level curriculum, attracted more than 300 pupils from local schools.  Dr Middleton participated in a panel discussion of the issues raised by key-note speaker Dr Peter Vardy in his address on Genetics, and then later led two workshops on the Church and Same-Sex Marriage.  Dr Middleton was particularly impressed by the level of knowledge and engagement demonstrated by the participants in his workshop.  “Theology and Religious Studies has clearly given these students the critical skills to examine a range of perspectives on some of the most complex and controversial issues of our day, and I hope some of them will want to develop these key skills and interests by going on to study with specialists in Chester University’s TRS department.”