Our Lecturers

Our lecturers will support you and get you going, but their ambition is not to spoon-feed but to empower you. We don’t just want you to get a degree; our aim is that you discover and fulfil your potential.

Our lecturers are carefully selected as dedicated teachers.

We recruit academics who are enthusiastic about teaching. Our academics are fully committed to teaching seeking to convey their insights, understanding and expertise as effectively and clearly as possible.

Our lecturers are leading experts.

Our policy is to appoint research active academics with doctorates, who also demonstrate an enthusiasm to teach. Our lecturers publish books and articles, attend international conferences, and are recognised as significant contributors to their fields.

Our lecturers are enthusiasts for their subjects.

We encourage an infectious passion for the Humanities, so that those who are in love with their subjects can convey a similar enthusiasm to their students. It’s much more than a job: it really matters to our lecturers to provide their students with a clear and growing appetite for knowledge in their chosen disciplines of study.

Our lecturers give prompt and detailed feedback.

We guarantee a quick turnaround for feedback, and we produce clear and detailed advice on how to improve grades. Many of our external examiners comment that our feedback is the fullest and most helpful they have ever seen.

Our lecturers are available and approachable.

In each of our departments we cultivate an inclusive community of learning. Students get to know their lecturers who all identify times when appointments can be booked; some also offer an open door policy. Our departmental administrators are happy to help with practical questions and provide a warm and friendly welcome to the department. Everyone seeks to be approachable and friendly; we want our students to feel they really belong.

Our lecturers are always updating their programmes.

Our lecturers regularly update module content, styles of teaching, types of assessment and online learning resources. We not only keep up to date with the latest scholarship, and take the advice from our external examiners, but we consult our students for their views and suggestions and our departments tell one another what works best. We are committed to continuous review and improvement.