Science Without Borders Scholarship

The Brazilian government's Science Without Borders Program provides scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate research students from Brazil. There are 100,000 scholarships for the best students from Brazil to study abroad at the world’s best universities.


It is our pleasure to announce that The University of Chester has been selected as one of the institutions to host candidates for the Brazil Science Without Borders Scholarship Program.

Details of the courses available under the Scheme at the University of Chester

Applied Sciences

BSc Biology (C100), BSc Biomedical Sciences (B940),BSc Forensic Biology (C190),BSc Human Nutrition (B400), BSc Computer Science (G400),BSc Information Systems Management (G501)


Creative Industries

BA Advertising and Commercial Music Production (NP5H),BA Advertising and Journalism (NPM5),BA Advertising and Media Studies (PN35),BA Advertising and Radio Production (NP5J),BA Advertising and Sport Development (NCM6),BA Advertising and TV Production(NPMH), BA Commercial Music Production and Media Studies (P399),BA Creative Writing and Journalism (WP85),BA Dance (W500),BA Digital Photography and Advertising (WN65),BA Digital Photography and Commercial Music Production (WJ69),BA Digital Photography and Journalism (WP6M),BA Digitial Photgraphy and Media Studies (WP6H),BA Digital Photography and Radio Production (WP6J),BA Digital Photography and Sport Development (WC66),BA Digital Photography and TV Production (WPP3),BA Drama and Theatre Studies (W400),BA Film Studies and Advertising (PNH5),BA Film Studies and Commercial Music Production (P392),BA Film Studies and Journalism (PPH5),BA Film Studies and Media Studies (P398),BA Film Studies and Radio Production (P393),BA Film Studies and Sport Development (PC3Q),BA Production and Media Studies (P901),BA Sport Development and Radio Production (CPQ3), BA Sport Development and TV Production (CP6J), BA Sport Development and Commercial Music Production (CPP3),BA Sport Development and Media Studies (CPPH), BA Sports Journalism (P590),BA TV Production and Commercial Music Production (P317), BA TV Production and Radio Production (P318), BA Film Studies and TV Production (P394), BA Fine Art (W100), BA Fine Art and Graphic Design (W213), BA Journalism(P500),BA Journalism and Commercial Music Production (PPM3),BA Journalism and Drama & Theatre Studies (PW54),BA Journalism and Media Studies (PP35), BA Journalism and Radio Production (PPN3),BA Journalism and TV Production (PPMJ),BA Photography and Fine Art (WW16),BA Photography and Graphic Design (WW2P), BA Photography and Journalism (PW5P),BA Popular Music (W340),BA Radio Production and Commercial Music Production (P314)

We will be shortly updating this website with the following information:


  • The Selection Criteria
  • A copy of the University's rules, regulations and standard terms and conditions for students
  • Orientation information including key programme dates

Further information can be also obtained here