Something to Admire

Andrew Dinsmoor is an American exchange student, studying in the English and Psychology departments during his time at the University of Chester.

They make me do it on my own,

Fingers listless around the bat’s handle,

July is dark and humid

And there he is—

My little brother stands behind two friends

I will never see again after high school.

His face covered

In a second skin of sweat and he looks at me

Like I am better than this,

And I am.


          But Alex is not the only one watching so I raise the Louisville Slugger

          And from the dog’s perspective a drink is taken from the moon,

          I come down and the Spaniel’s big, black eyes are

          Popped fish eggs.

          I turn around and Alex’s face is fractured skull,

          And it’s I that will never be whole again,

          But the bat’s head is crying red and the Spaniel is a black mess heaving whimpers that

          Stick in the night’s wet hair, and I hit the skull one last time like the baseball I let Alex

          Keep after it cleared the fence at Riverdock Little League field number eight.