Heartbeats in Space

Andrew Dinsmoor is an American exchange student, studying in the English and Psychology departments during his time at the University of Chester.

Heat brings us together,

          Protons collide in a star,

                    And it spits us out in exploding

Molten mouths—

We are Hydrogen and Helium

Set down and wound like a toy,

To piece ourselves together,

          And you are the greatest puzzle I’ve ever seen.

Heat brings us together,

          Complexes us with nucleotide spines,

                    Stands us straight on sugar fields and phosphorus backs

Caste in carbon—

We are electric organs

Played by fingers fused long

Ago in a key

          Reminding me that you aren’t even supposed to exist.

Heat brings us together,

          A red-hot fist knuckling

                    Chest, a sun pulse in the dark.