Through the Looking Glass

Rebecca Kilburn is in the final year of her degree in English with Creative Writing.

I watch you through my little looking glass,

each contour on your body magnified, reflecting


back into my eye, a tingling mass

prickling through my body, pulsating,


down to my toes, you move and my camera clicks,                                      

click, click, and you edge into position,


and peep, a glance over your shoulder, click,

you pretend not to notice, divert your eyes from my location.


You carry on, back in your wonderland,

my little Alice, luring you, your little white rabbit,


you are trapped, confused, wondering how it happened;

how did you know to be afraid of the rabbit?


You hide, leaving a trail of tissue droplets leading

up to you, a scavenger hunt,


but this time you are the treasure. I am reading                                 

the map you gave me, a sign that you want


me to follow. I am the Cheshire Cat with its intruding smile

I crawl into your rabbit hole and watch, and watch and watch.