Letter from the Chair of the Executive, Global Network for Public Theology, 2011-14

Welcome to the website for the Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT)!

Professor Elaine Graham, University of Chester, UK

For the current triennium, the host institution for GNPT is the Centre for Faiths and Public Policy at the University of Chester. CFPP was founded to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in the field of religion and civil society, and aims to identify and critique some of the key intellectual and political dimensions of the current debate about faith in public life and to map the territory of future policy and practice. The Centre is proud to be located in one of the fastest-growing departments of Theology and Religious Studies in the UK, with its tradition of strong links to the Anglican Church, vocational education, community service and pioneering practice-based research. Increasingly, the Centre is reflecting the realities of religion in public life in the UK, by focusing on the challenges of a ‘post-secular’ society and working with scholars and practitioners from a range of religious and philosophical positions.

We are proud to be the host institution of the Global Network, and look to extend its activities and ambitions by fostering collaborative links, new initiatives in research, consultancy and education and, of course, by welcoming members to our next consultation in Chester in early September 2013.  

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