100% for Overall Student Satisfaction

Whether you look in the Independent, the Guardian, the Sunday Times or the Complete University Guide league tables, year on year you will find that the Department of English at the University of Chester has consistently been in the top strand for student satisfaction.

We were also rated excellent in the last national inspection. We take great pride in the fact that our students enjoy their studies with us so much. Just this last year 97% said that staff were good at explaining things, 97% thought that staff were enthusiastic about their subject, and 97% thought that staff made the subject interesting and we achieved 100% for overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS) survey. Not bad!

Whilst we are all passionate about our subject and communicating ideas, it is you and your love for the subject which really matters. Communication is critical and a lively seminar debate which pushes at the boundaries of understanding is at the core of the learning experience. Behind these figures and league tables are our students and this is what they had to say (anonymously!) in the most recent National Student Survey.

‘An excellent variety of lectures and a varied choice of modules to choose from.’

‘Knowledgeable, down-to-earth and passionate tutors. Great reading lists (although they obviously change year to year). Manageable workload. Overall, enjoyable and interesting.’

‘The tutors were always willing to give private tutorials to discuss essays. Even if they had no office hours free they were willing to find time to meet and discuss my work,’

‘Doing the course has allowed me to decide what I want to do as a career and my lecturers have helped to show me how I can get there.’

‘I like the fact that all the tutors write in-depth reviews of how to improve the quality of your essays and other assignments.’

‘The tutors are incredibly friendly, and approachable. They have definitely helped make my three years enjoyable.’

‘The lectures are always interesting and if you put the effort in you will receive it back ten times.’

‘The English Department are fantastic! Lectures are always enthusiastic and seminars extremely stimulating.’

‘The course has nurtured my passion for the subject in a fun and supportive environment.’

‘Quality of teaching consistently high.’

‘Committed, enthusiastic and approachable academic staff. I have received support and encouragement, as a result of which my learning experience has been thoroughly positive.’