Westminster lecture examines Public Policy and the US Presidential elections

Posted on 7th February 2013

The Founder and Chairman of MORI (Market and Opinion Research International) will deliver this year’s Annual Westminster Lecture at the University of Chester on Thursday, March 7.

Sir Robert Worcester founded MORI London and is also a Senior Adviser of Ipsos MORI Public Affairs Research. MORI is one of the most well-known opinion and market research companies in the world. He is a renowned political pundit and commentator whose opinion on trends affecting society today is widely sought.

This year’s lecture focuses on the theme of Public Policy and Research: The American Presidential Elections and will offer some fascinating insights into how various events and personalities have swayed the US electorate during the US Presidential campaigning which in a global world may have important implications for political campaigning elsewhere in the world.

The lecture takes place in the Beswick Lecture Theatre on the Main Chester Campus on Thursday, March 7 at 6.30pm and is open to all. To book a place at the lecture email Professor Danny Moss on d.moss@chester.ac.uk or Monika Liddell at m.liddell@chester.ac.uk.