Call for Papers "Edges of Identity: The Production of Neoliberal Subjectivities"

Interested in contributing a chapter to our forthcoming edited volume - please read on...


Deadline for Abstracts is August 16th 2013

Edges of Identity: The Production of Neoliberal Subjectivities


The production of neoliberal subjectivities is intrinsically tied to notions of space and place. Indeed, the geographies of politics and culture are scaled across multiple levels – not only in terms of the local, national or international, but in respect to how competing forms of self and society are repressed, on the one hand, and exploit niche opportunities, on the other. In each case how agency is expressed or is repressed is the point of fascination. Space, in this sense, is multidimensional and is sustained by discursive practices. This speaks to how we understand the enormity of international relations and social structures through to the intimacy of relations in the private sphere. The normalisation and the reproduction of particular social practices are linked to the expansion and penetration of a neoliberal hegemony that rationalises, atomises and homogenises the world around us. This volume seeks to critically explore how a range of subjectivities is formed, constrained, reshaped or resisted when confronted by the expansionary logic of neoliberalism.


The volume seeks to include a diverse constellation of chapters that address the above concerns. Broadly conceived we seek chapters that align to the following areas:

  • Ab/normalising
  • Capitalist Realism
  • Critical Political Economy (especially the political economy of the everyday)
  • Intersectionality and Identity Politics
  • Feminist Studies
  • Policy and Governmentality
  • Powerlessness and Resistance
  • Space, Place and Discursive Practices

Specific issues might focus on:

  • Citizenship
  • Disability studies
  • Gender politics
  • Marginalised groups
  • Social movements
  • Social Policy
  • Sub-cultures


The volume is to be a part of the University of Chester’s Issues in the Social Sciences (series editor: Katherine Harrison) and is to be published by the University of Chester Press (the most recent edition can be viewed here).

If you are interested in contributing a chapter to this volume please send a 300 word abstract and a short bio to Jonathon Louth, Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Chester at The deadline for abstracts is August 16.