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Monday 14 April 2014

09.00 - 10.00:      Registration

10.00 – 11.00: Keynote Lecture - Room: RIC 004/3

Professor Panikos Panayi (De Montfort)

‘Minorities during the Great War: From German to Global Perspectives’

 11.00 - 11.20:      Coffee / Tea Break

11.20 – 12.50:      SESSION 1

Room: RIC 004/1

Room: RIC 004/2

Room: RIC 004/3

Colonial Soldiers in a Francophone Context

Minority Cultures and Minority Politics

Minority Relations and the Post-war World

Chair: David Murphy

Chair: Nicola Morris

Chair: Tim Grady

Donna Nelson (North Carolina Central)

‘The Construction of the Dichotomy within France’s Racial Paradigm:  African American and Senegalese Soldiers in World War I’

Georgia Kouta (King’s College)

‘The London Greek Propaganda: How Minorities shaped Politics during the First World War’

Giuseppe Perri (Université libre, Brussels)

‘The Fate of the Ukrainian Poles after World War I’

Bryon Smith (King’s College)

‘Valuable Services: French-U.S. Attack at the Ailette River’

Ulrich Tiedau (UCL)

‘Belgium 1914–1918: German Occupation and the Flemish Movement’

Daniele Conversi (Basque Country)

‘Prelude to Obliteration: Minorities, Cultural Homogenization and the Modern Nation State’s Eliminationist Drive’

Amandine Lauro (Université Libre Brussels)

‘“To our Colonial Troops, Greetings from the Far-away Homeland”: Race, Security and Imperial Anxieties in the Discussion on Colonial Troops in WW1 Belgium’

Giuseppe Motta (Sapienza)

‘The Italian Military Governorship and the German minorities in South Tyrol.

November 1918-July 1919’

Mark Levene (Southampton)

‘Minorities, Genocide, and the Psychopathology of the Great War’

12.50 - 13.50:      Lunch

13.50 – 15.20:       SESSION 2

Room: RIC 004/1

Room: RIC 004/2

Room: RIC 004/3

Pacifists and Objectors

Minority Identities

Internment:  Local, National and Imperial Perspectives

Chair: Mark Levene

Chair: Gia Caglioti

Chair: Panikos Panayi

Kirk Hansen (Dundee)

‘Scottish-Jewish Conscientious Objectors’

Emmanuel Destenay (Paris IV Sorbonne)

‘Asserting Irishness, contesting Britishness: Unveiling and Identifying Irishmen’s National Identity in the First World War’

Zoë Denness (Kent)

‘A South African Legacy? The Imperial Roots of British Internment Policy during the First World War’

Serge Durflinger (Ottawa)

‘Canada’s Easter Riots: French-Canadian Anti-conscription Rioting’

Gregory Kennedy (Moncton)

‘Who answered the call?  A socioeconomic study of the Acadian soldiers of the 165th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915-1917’

Stefan Manz (Aston)

‘Interned in Scotland: The Stobs Camp during World War I’

Denis Maier (Lucerne)

‘German Jewish Orthodoxy and the experience of the First World War: The Case of Isaac Breuer (1883–1946)’

Sally Charnow (Hofstra)

‘“A rabbi, a priest, and a minister were billeted in same house during the Great War…”: Edmond Fleg’s La Maison du Bon Dieu, a Representation of Ecumenism during The Great War’

Matthew Stibbe (Sheffield Hallam)

‘The Internment of Enemy Aliens in Habsburg Austria (Cisleithania) during the First World War’

15.20 - 15.40:      Coffee / Tea Break

15.40 – 17.10:       SESSION 3

Room: RIC 004/1

Room: RIC 004/2

Room: RIC 004/3

Enemy Aliens I

Prisoners of War and Prisoners at War

Nationalities and Nationalist Agendas

Chair: Gia Caglioti

Chair: Stefan Manz

Chair: Keith McLay

Daniel Segesser (Bern)

‘Victims of War must be Loyal to Deserve Protection: International Law and National Legislation on Enemy Aliens 1907-1918’

Julia Walleczek-Fritz (Austrian State Archives, Vienna)

‘An Underrated Aspect of POW Policy: The Treatment of POW Ethnic and National Minorities in Austria-Hungary during World War One’

James Renton (Edge Hill)

‘Taming Zionism: A French Orientalist Project of the First World War’

William Buck (Limerick)

‘Ireland's National Minorities and the First World War’

Georg Wurzer (Independent Scholar)

‘Jews as Prisoners of War in Russia during World War I’

David Innerhuber (King’s College)

‘The Nationality Problem in the Austro-Hungarian Army before and during the First World War’

Nicole-Melanie Goll (Graz)

‘The War Experience of a Minority: Forced Deportation and Internment of the Ruthenians in the Habsburg Empire during World War I - The Civil Internment Camp Thalerhof near the Styrian Capital of Graz’

Bobby Wintermute (City University, New York)

‘Military Service as a Means to Recover Lost Masculinity:  The Experience of Eastern State Penitentiary Inmates in the First World War’

Martyn Housden (Bradford)

‘The Consequences of War: Minorities as Peace-Builders?’

17.30 – 18.30: Keynote Lecture - Room: RIC 004/3

Professor Humayun Ansari OBE (Royal Holloway)

‘“Tasting the King’s Salt”? Muslims, Contested Loyalties and the First World War’


19.00: Evening Reception

Cheshire Military Museum


20.30: Conference Meal

Chez Jules Restaurant, 71-73 Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HQ

Tuesday 15 April 2014

09.00 – 10.30:       SESSION 4

Room: RIC 004/1

Room: RIC 004/2

Room: RIC 004/3

Memory and Legacy I

Between Europe and Asia

Enemy Aliens II

Chair: Humayun Ansari

Chair: Daniel Segesser

Chair: Matthew Stibbe

John Siblon (Birkbeck)

‘Absence and Impoliticness: Remembrance of British Colonial African and Caribbean Contributions in the Immediate Aftermath of the First World War’

Pad Kumlertsakul (National Archives Kew)

‘Siam in the First World War’

Gia Caglioti (Napoli Federico II)

‘Property Rights and Economic Nationalism: the War on Enemy Aliens Property in Europe and the US’

Jiri Hutecka (Hradec Kralove)

‘Remembering the Wrong War: Czech Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Service and Their Memory of the Great War’

Olga Alexeeva (Quebec)

‘The Chinese workers in Russia during the First World War: Victims of Another War’

Mark Benbow (Marymount)

‘Enemies in our Midst!: Anti-German Fears in Washington, D.C. During the First World War’

Rachel Hasted (English Heritage)

‘Remembrance and Forgetting:  The Muslim Burial Ground, Horsell Common, Woking’

Rod Nettle (Ballarat)

‘Bureaucrats, Bungling, and the British - The Chinese Labour Corps in France 1916-1920’

Richard Hawkins (Wolverhampton)

‘The Surveillance of  New York Jews with pro-German Sympathies during the First World War’

10.30 - 10.50:      Coffee / Tea Break

10.50 – 12.20:       SESSION 5

Room: RIC 004/1

Room: RIC 004/2

Room: RIC 004/3

Participation as Emancipation

Western European Jewry and the Great War

Ireland and the Great War

Chair: Keith McLay

Chair: Hannah Ewence

Chair: Emmanuel Destenay

Dominiek Dendooven (Flanders Field Museum)

‘World Wide Frustrations. War Experience and Political Awakening’

Peter Appelbaum (Penn State)

‘The Judenzählung (Jewish Census) of 1916 in the German Army’

Nicola Morris (Chester)

‘“The most insubordinate men in the army”: Irish Methodist Chaplains in the Great War’


Steve Shannon (Northumbria)

‘“Irishmen to Arms”: The Irish response in the North East of England to the Great War, 1914-1918’

Christopher Smith (King’s College)

‘The Jewish Battalion in the First World War’

Michael Robinson (Liverpool)

‘“Nobody's Children?”: Irish Great War Veterans, Politics and Society, 1918-1939’

Alessandro Vagnini (Sapienza)

‘From Prisoners to a National Force: The Romanian Legion in the Italian Army’

Anne Lloyd  (Southampton)

‘Faith under Fire: Jewish Army Service in World War I Britain’

Catriona Pennell (Exeter)

‘United Against a Common Foe: The Cooperative Experience and Contested Memory of the 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Divisions on the Somme, 1916’

12.20 - 13.20:      Lunch

13.20 – 14.20:
Keynote Lecture - Room: RIC 004/3

Professor Tony Kushner (Southampton)

‘Minorities and War: Towards a Theoretical Model’

14.20 - 14.40:      Coffee / Tea Break

14.40 – 16.10:       SESSION 6

Room: RIC 004/1

Room: RIC 004/2

Room: RIC 004/3

Race and its Legacy

Propaganda and the Press

Participation as Emancipation

Chair: Nicola Morris

Chair: Tim Grady

Chair: Tony Kushner

John Gribble (Sea Change Heritage)

‘The South African Native Labour Corps: A Forgotten World War I History’

Frank Jacob (Erlangen)

‘An Imagined Minority - Jewish Soldiers in the Great War’

Christopher Fischer (Indiana State)

‘Not Quite French, Not Quite German: Interned Alsatians in France, 1914-1918’

David Murphy (Stirling)

‘Race and the Legacy of the First World War in French Anti-Colonial Politics of the 1920s’

Stephanie Seul (Bremen)

‘The Impact of World War I on German-Jewry: An Analysis of the Discourses in the German-Jewish Press’

Tony Lentin (Wolfson College, Cambridge)

‘Anglo-German Victims of The Great War: The Troublesome Case of Sir Edgar Speyer’

Lila Rakoczy (Sam Houston State)

‘Behind the Pine Curtain’: The First World War Experiences of African Americans from Walker County, Texas’

Andrea Carteny (Sapienza University of Rome)

‘The Congress of Rome (April 1918) and the Italian Policy for the Support of  “oppressed nationalities”’

Anja Huber (Bern)

‘Aliens in Switzerland: the Fate of Foreigners in Switzerland during the First World War’

16:15:         Concluding: Coffee / Teas