Chester academic appointed to leading European business network.

Posted on 7th March 2014

An academic from the University of Chester Business School (UCBS) has received an international accolade from a leading business academy.

Professor Peter Stokes, Deputy Dean of the UCBS, has been selected as the Vice-President for Business Relations for the EuroMed Academy of Business (EMAB). This is only the second time in EMAB’s history that Vice-President roles have been awarded.

As part of the EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI), the Academy aims to contribute to, and share, the understanding of different global business environments and trends through the lens of European countries and regions via research, teaching and consulting. The Academy and Institute also seek to provide a leading-edge overview of the emerging business practices and to stimulate and nourish dialogue in the European countries and the neighbouring regions. The institute’s membership now numbers in the thousands and its connections and networks are global.

The institute was set up to take account of the rapid market environmental changes that the European-Mediterranean region has experienced over recent years. Professor Stokes has been actively involved since the founding conference and has played a role in many aspects of the Academy and Institute. The threats, challenges and opportunities for the region often present distinctive issues to other geographic areas in the world and it is the role of Academy academics, practitioners and researchers to analyse and comment on them. The Institute aims to create and disseminate business knowledge through research, teaching, training, and consulting to researchers, universities, and business (private and public), governments and other organisations and students, especially in the Mediterranean and European regions.

Professor Stokes said: “EuroMed has been of primary value to UCBS and the University of Chester overall offering a range of faculty members opportunities to publish many special issues, papers, win awards and develop and support research careers. It is intrinsically linked to my work with Emerald Publishing (which is a partner of the Academy) for which I have previously been awarded Leading Editor and Best Reviewer status and also nominated as a member of its research trainer advisory group. The new VP role will be of great on-going value to the work of the UCBS, the University and the wider business community.”

It has been a busy month for Professor Stokes who, in the same period, was also invited on to the editorial board of the prestigious Polish academic journal Consumption and Development, produced by the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research, Warsaw.