Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotions play a part in our everyday lives; and how we manage and respond to them in the workplace can have a significant effect.  Although Emotional Intelligence is a relatively young concept, the social phenomenon it purports to represent is probably as old as human societies themselves.  Over the last two decades, researchers such as Daniel Goleman have been engaged in a quest to identify, measure and develop human capacity to read and manage emotions for personal or business benefit.


This workshop will explore:

  • Whether Emotional Intelligence is an intelligence at all
  • The merits of ability based and mixed models (intelligence vs personality traits)
  • How Emotional Intelligence affects work performance
  • How to measure Emotional Intelligence

This workshop will be interactive so be prepared to participate and bring examples from your own workplace practice to consider and discuss.

This module is available at levels 4, 5, 6 and 7.