Action Learning Facilitation

Available at all levels. This module may be studied through distance study.

Action Learning has been identified as a method of learning since Revans introduced the concept shortly after the Second World War. It is a method of collaborative learning where a small group of learners (an ‘action learning set’) meet regularly to reflect on real work issues. Its basic philosophy is that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem to solve. Action learning may enhance the way in which people learn, drawing on actual practice, and using the experience of members working together to apply new ideas to each members’ role. Thereby the focus of this module is to develop participants’ awareness of Action Learning and their understanding of how this can be effectively developed and utilised. Participants will be supported in exploring the role of Action Learning in their work how it may engender developments in the performance of individuals, services and organisations, in addition, to analysing their own experiences, abilities and skills in relation to set facilitation. Whilst it is principally aimed at people who use this type of developmental process it may be of interest to those who wish to develop their understanding of Action Learning facilitation and how it may be used to help individual and organisational development