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Welcome to the Business Research Institute  

research for regional businesses with a global reach


The University of Chester Business Research Institute (BRI) was established in 2014 as a faculty level research institute.  It was supported by the University’s strategic development funds and with encouragement from the Business Advisory Council and business partners.

The BRI focuses its activities upon building and developing the University’s business research and advanced consultancy capability and capacity alongside the University’s Riverside Innovation Centre, Chester Business School and Thornton Engineering and Technology Centre.

The BRI has the flexibility to leverage and help coordinate activities in the business area from across the rest of the University. It works alongside the Chamber of Commerce, regional government and associated economic agencies such as the Local Enterprise Partnership and other professional business to strengthen regional competitiveness.


About Us



Our Mission:

  •  Develop the University as the leading provider of business and economics research in Cheshire and Warrington

  •  Place in a sharper focus and promote the impact of high quality research being completed in the University

  • Undertake, facilitate and promote quality and independent applied research on major policy-relevant business, economic and associated societal issues.

  • Increase business research and industry income and foster the dissemination of associated research output in high quality journals, publications and through appropriate conferences and symposia

  • Initiate informed debate and research on relevant business, economic and public policy issues

  •  Contribute highly recognised applied consultancy and research services to Government and the private and third sectors.