Negotiation Skills

This module is ideally suited to those who are called upon to deal professionally with conflict, sales or other benefits or acquisitions, through negotiation, whether as practitioners, managers, educators, carers or volunteers.  However, this module is also suitable for those who currently have no professional involvement in negotiation but who wish to understand more about the nature of negotiation, unscrupulous gambits, and especially how individuals such as sales people and managers manipulate, influence and coerce.  This module will provide a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of negotiation skills and how this can assist assertion, support autonomy and save individual’s significant upset and financial cost as well as enhancing core life and relationship skills and / or employability.  The module will emphasise the role of ethics coupled with the accurate ‘reading’ of negotiators body language, non verbal cues, micro glances, tensions, speech patterns, kinetic leakage and written communications. 

Content covered:-

  • Definitions of negotiation
  • Definitions of winning / losing / win-win / win-lose
  • Conflict / tension / dissonance / co-operative decision making / withdrawing
  • Manipulation / influence / persuasion
  • Negotiation as an every day transaction
  • Guerrilla negotiation / unscrupulous negotiation gambits
  • Principled negotiation
  • Hard-nosed negotiation
  • Negotiating alliances
  • Hostage negotiation
  • The nature of coercion
  • Body language / non verbal cues / micro glances / embedded commands / rapport
  • Protective / punitive force
  • Empathy / inclusion
  • Preparation / stakeholders / constituents
  • Reflection / evolving flexible strategies

Available at all levels