Rhian McHugh

PhD Student

Rhian is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology.


Rhian has taught on a variety of modules at undergraduate level, these include; Research Methods and Skills (PS4005), History and Applications (PS4012), Understanding the Mind (PS5017) and Applied Research Experience (PS5099). Rhian has also been a demonstrator for the use of the SMI eye tracking glasses and biopac in psychological research.

Furthermore, Rhian is an Assistant Technician within the department.


Rhian’s PhD focuses on the use of mindfulness interventions and their impact on chemotherapy patient’s distress levels and cancer related cognitive dysfunction.

Throughout her PhD she has conducted a systematic review on the predictors of distress in lung cancer patients, experimental research relating to the suitability of accent type, speech pitch and speed on mindfulness interventions and is currently developing a shorter measure of cancer related cognitive dysfunction for use during chemotherapy at North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, Glan Clwyd. Future research directions for her PhD will be to examine cognitive functioning using the shorter measure of assessment in conjunction with a mindfulness intervention.

Rhian is also working on other experimental research projects within the department alongside her PhD.

Published work

McHugh, R.S., Cousins, M., Hulbert-Williams., L., Heaton-Brown, L., & Hulbert-Williams, N. (Under Review). Improving audio-delivered mindfulness interventions: What type of voice do people prefer and find most suitable?