Depiction of women lawyers in film and TV

The Forum for Research into Equality and Diversity will be running a 2 hour seminar on 22nd April 2015 looking at how women are portrayed by TV and film in relation to the law and its enforcement. The seminar will be led by Dr Stefan Machura who will present a paper on “The Good Wife - socio-legal aspects of current lawyer television”.

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Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015
17:00 - 19:00
Law School, 67 Liverpool Road, Chester

This will be followed by a presentation from Wendy Steel entitled, ‘Women and the law, saint or sinner?’ Wendy Steel: Following a history degree in 1980 at the University of Nottingham, Wendy entered the Civil Service and worked in various departments in many locations for the next 15 years.

Since September 2007 Wendy has led undergraduate modules on European Union Law, Intellectual Property and Company Law modules. Wendy is also Programme Leader for the University of Chester Masters in Contemporary Legal Studies in which she leads a module on Film and the Law. Her research interests are diverse and include Company Law, Intellectual Property and Law and Film. She is currently conducting an empirical research project into student perceptions of the role of female lawyers in film and TV.

Dr Stefan Machura: Having spent most of his career in his native Germany, where he was one of the first teaching a “Law in Film” module at a Law School, Stefan Machura has moved to North Wales in 2006. He is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Bangor University. In Germany and Wales, he conducted in-depth analyses of the media portrayal of the law, legal institutions and the legal profession. With Peter Robson, he edited the book “Law and Film” (Blackwell 2001). In several empirical studies, Dr Machura addressed the influence of media on what people think about the law Forum for Research into Equality and Diversity:

The University of Chester Law School has launched a new inter- disciplinary Forum for Research into Equality and Diversity. This Forum focusses on and specialises in research and knowledge transfer activities in the area of diversity and equality across a range of disciplines. The Forum provides a much needed knowledge transfer resource for local voluntary organisations, lawyers, HR practitioners, academics and businesses across the North West and beyond.

During 2015, the Forum will be working with recognised experts to present a series of 2 hour long CPD accredited events on issues relating to equality and diversity. For further details of these events see the Forum website at