'The Equality Act 2010: five-years on' - Presentation slides


Occupational requirements and religious employers: an underdeveloped jurisprudence

Catriona Cannon

EHRC call for evidence on religion or belief

Dr Dave Perfect

Would the ‘reasonable accommodation’ of religious belief in the workplace prevent a hierarchy of protected characteristics from developing?

Elisabeth Griffiths


Equality law under the Conservative government

Professor Sir Bob Hepple QC

Statutory and common law duties to consult over reductions and removals of services: The potential impact of the Public Sector Equality Duty

Jamie Grace 

Religious discrimination and the ‘hierarchy of rights’: non-existent, appropriate or problematic?

Dr Megan Pearson

The PSED and Reflexive Law

Professor Simonetta Manfredi and Professor Lucy Vickers 


Social Change, Public Interest and Collective Enforcement of the Equality Act 2010:  A Comparative Evaluation

Rebecca Money-Kyrle

Minimum Degree Requirements: Are Employers Indirectly Discriminating Against Older Workers during Recruitment?

Dr Elaine Dewhurst