SN@P Numeracy Assessment and Education

SN@P is an online numeracy assessment and education resource supported by Health Education North West. The resource is commissioned for use within Higher Education Healthcare faculties and Service Providers across the UK. SN@P was launched as a project in 2011 with the primary objective of standardising the approach Northwest Higher Education Institutes had in the assessment of pre-registration Nursing students.  Due to the growing interest and demand, SN@P currently provides an online numeracy assessment and education service tailored to the needs of over 130 registered Higher Education Institutes and Service Providers across multi-professional disciplines on a National scale.



SN@P has become a nationally recognised online resource for numeracy assessment and education striving to ensure Healthcare students, newly qualified and existing professionals achieve an excellent level of confidence and understanding around general and clinical numeracy.


Average no. of users per month Overall No. of Registered Users No. of questions online No. of UK assessments completed
Nov 14 – Oct 15
No. of UK formal assessments completed
Nov 14 – Oct 15
% of formal assessments passed first time Average mark achieved
3,427 23,000 3,250 24,721 4,477 66 76%


The SN@P resource is divided into two platforms to meet the needs of Education and Service provider leads as well as the learner as they prepare for assessment.


SN@P Assessment is utilised :

  • As a learning resource during ‘Access to Nursing’ and other healthcare programmes within colleges of further education
  • During selection processes for admission to pre-registration health related programmes by Higher Education Institutes.
  • By health service provider organisations as part of Medicines Management and Clinical Education to confirm and further develop the numeracy skills of its newly recruited and/or existing staff, plus experienced registered workforce.


SN@P Education supports learners as they prepare for assessment through the use of:

  • General and Clinical numeracy podcasts to provide students/staff with visual resources to aid their learning through watching drug simulation videos.
  • E-Tutoring to provide learners with interactive access to subject experts to discuss and resolve any queries regarding numeracy methodology
  • SN@P–Shot interactive learning to provide learners with bite-size modules which improve core and clinical numeracy skills
  • SN@P-Tutor-Chat to provide learners with an online discussion forum with subject experts to discuss any queries.


The SN@P team would be delighted to discuss how the online resource can be used further within your Organisation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or would like to discuss the resource further.

01925 534091
Clatterbridge General Hospital, Wirral, CH63 4JY