TRS Chester rated equal 1st in the UK for student satisfaction

Posted on 29th January 2016

Scoring 100% in the 2015 National Student Survey for overall student satisfaction, TRS at Chester is now ranked equal first out of all TRS departments in the UK for student satisfaction.

With the best NSS result across the University of Chester, and with a result that positions the department well above the sector average, we believe this testifies to the quality of teaching and to the hard work we put into making sure every student gets the opportunity to excel. The department obtained 100% for student satisfaction! Our students gave us excellent scores for the quality of our teaching, assessment and feedback, for the quality of our academic support, for our ability to organise and manage our TRS courses, and for the way our courses provide opportunities for personal development, including opportunities to build confidence and develop new skills.

  • 100% say staff are good at explaining things
  • 100% say staff have made the subject interesting
  • 100% say staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching
  • 98% say they have received detailed comments on their work
  • 98% say they have been able to contact staff when they needed to
  • 97% say the course is intellectually stimulating

For a breakdown of the results, visit the UNISTATS website: