Dr Melanie West

Lecturer - University Centre Shrewsbury

MeI teaches biological and cognitive psychology, and some aspects of health psychology, her research interests include cognitive ageing, visual search, stored colour knowledge and evaluating interventions.


Mel was awarded a BSc in Psychology and Health studies from University of Central Lancashire, and went on to gain a graduate diploma in Psychology from University of Wolverhampton.  Mel then achieved a distinction in her MSc Health Psychology from Aston University, she then did a PhD at the University of Birmingham on visual search and cognitive ageing, and an intervention to improve attention and working memory in older adults.

MeI is currently undertaking a Postgraduate Certificate in teaching in HE at the University of Chester.


Mel is a member of the BPS. Mel has been involved in looking at healthy eating in children, and ran an intervention on improving lifestyle activity in the workplace. In addition Mel has carried out various experimental tasks with older adults which has included using eye-tracking equipment and motion detection equipment. Furthermore Mel has used an intervention to help improve older adults’ attention and working memory. Mel is also currently involved in a project which looks at the experience of hope in carers of dementia patients.

E-mail: m.west@chester.ac.uk


Mel is the module leader for Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology (PS4202), and teaches on the ‘Introduction to Applications of Psychology’ module.


In relation to cognitive research I am interested in visual search (including eye-tracking), cognitive ageing, and interventions.  In relation to health I am interested in health eating and exercise, and interventions. Furthermore, in relation to on-line trolling behaviour I am interested in how trolls are construed and dealt with.

Published work

Recent Conference Publications and Invited Presentations

Coles, A. & West, M. (in press). Trolling the trolls: Online Forum Users Constructions of the Nature and Properties of Trolling.  Computers in Human Behavior.

Coles, A. & West, M. (2016). Weaving the internet together: Imagined communities in newspaper comment threads.  Computers in Human Behavior. 60, 44-53.  doi:  http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2016.02.049

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West, M., Mevorach, C. & Humphreys, G. (2012). A cognitive intervention for older adults. University of Birmingham research event.

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