Green Impact campaign: Stationary amnesty

Posted on 4th February 2016

As part of the Universities Green Impact campaign, we aim to take part in a small stationary amnesty to embrace a low carbon future through reducing and reusing!

What is it? A stationery amnesty is when everyone in the department is invited to get rid of their unwanted stationary, and then it’s redistributed around the building to those who need it. This saves money, as you don’t need to buy new stationary; prevents items going to landfill unnecessarily and frees up space.

So for one week only Monday 1st – Friday 5th February, the department of Geography & International Development will be collecting up unwanted stationary from staff desks and drawers for unused pens, paperclips and unnecessary stationery so that it can be redistributed and used by other people within the department who need it.

I’m sure we’ll be amazed at how much stuff is returned!