BYOB week in GID

Posted on 7th March 2016

The department of Geography and International Development have taken part in Bring Your Own Bottle week, to reduce waste.

Of the week commencing the 22nd of February the department of Geography and International Development held a Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) to work week campaign. This was to raise awareness of the usage of plastic bottles and to encourage both staff and students to be more conscientious and to be more ‘waste free’. The campaign was situated around making staff and students reuse their water bottles or in some cases coffee cups to reduce unnecessary waste. This campaign was instigated to help support the Green Impact initiatives to reduce, re-use and recycle our waste for a better future. The campaign was brilliantly supported by staff and students within the department and even some from outside of the department got involved to! From sports bottles, to flasks, to ordinary reusable bottles!


The campaign had a significant impact on staff and students. “I am pretty terrible when it comes to reusing water bottles. Although I fill mine up throughout the day from the drinking taps in the department, I still buy a new one each day.

They come with the meal deal for lunch on my way into work so it’s hard not to. However, now that I’ve gone a week reusing the same bottle from Monday to Friday I certainly will be doing that from now on!” Anthony Cliffe, Research Assistant.




As staff we noticed less coffee cups in and around the department and in lectures by the end of the week.

We noticed a rise in reusable bottles/flasks starting to appear in their place which was encouraging and we hope that many staff and students will continue to reuse their bottles and help to reduce waste in the process.