Examination of the Newborn

This module has been developed to meet the needs of rapidly changing maternity and neonatal services. The implementation of early postnatal discharge of mothers and babies from hospital to home and the national drive to increase home birth has placed additional demand on community postnatal services. This has been further compounded by the national reduction of junior doctors’ working hours to meet the recommendations set out in the European Working Time Directive. This has placed additional challenges on maternity services in ensuring neonates receive timely and robust newborn assessment and screening for abnormality.

Module Code MW6025
Level 6
Credits 20
Cost Contact Admissions


The aim of the module is to acquire sophisticated, current and in-depth knowledge and skills to competently perform a comprehensive examination and assessment of the newborn baby.
By the end of the module, you will be able to:
  • Recognise key deviations from the normal parameters of newborn health.
  • Exercise accountability in appropriate referral mechanisms and record keeping.
KSF – Core Dimensions 
This module contributes to the following core dimensions: 
1 Communication
2 Personal and People Development
3 Health, Safety and Security
4 Service Improvement
5 Quality
6 Equality and Diversity
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