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Prof Adam DinhamProf Adam Dinham

Adam Dinham is director of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he is Professor of Faith & Public Policy. He is policy advisor to a number of faith-based agencies and policy bodies, including the Faith Based Regeneration Network and the CoExistence Trust in the House of Lords, and has advised central government on issues of public faith. Professor Dinham’s recent publication Faith and Social Capital After the Debt Crisis (2012) examines the impact of viewing faiths as social capital, exploring whether faith can help rebalance society by drawing communities together.




Chris BakerProf Chris Baker

Chris Baker is Director of Research for the William Temple Foundation, and Director of the Centre for Faiths and Public Policy and Senior Lecturer Public and Urban Theology at the University of Chester. His teaching and research is concerned with a critical, balanced and empirically derived exploration of the rapidly changing relationship between religion and secularism in an increasingly diverse and fluid public sphere. Although trained as a theologian, his work is increasingly interdisciplinary, including especially political philosophy, sociology and human geography. Publications include Postsecular Cities - Space, Theory and Practice (2011), A Philosophy of Christian Materialism – Entangled Fidelity and the Public Good, with John Reader (UK) and Tom James (U.S.) (Farnham: Ashgate) (2015) & Postsecular Geographies: Re-envisioning Politics, Subjectivity and Ethics with Paul Cloke and Andrew Williams (London and New York: Routledge) (2016).