Mission to Moscow

Posted on 25th May 2016

On 12 May 2016 the Media Department's Dr Mark Duffett spoke at a special interdisciplinary conference in Moscow.

The conference brought together 30 scholars from Russia, Germany, Holland, Britain and the USA to discuss the ways in which ordinary people have made use of the objects around them to them to change their worlds.

Mark explained: “I was truly thrilled to be asked to present at the Moscow event. The organisers had heard of my work on music fandom and send me a request out of the blue. At a time when East-West relations sometimes appear strained, it was wonderful to be able to visit Russia and offer a paper. I spoke about the way that music fans in America used their passion to mobilize each other against racism.”

Other topics at the two-day symposium included graffiti, fan fiction, fashion blogging, Soviet era sci-fi cinema, social protest, and even passengers’ experiences of the Moscow underground system.

Mark added: “Russia’s academic contribution to cultural studies is now emerging on a global stage. It was super to see how enthusiastically and insightfully our colleagues are adding their voices to the international discussion.”