GID are NUS gold green impact award winners

Posted on 7th June 2016

The department of Geography and International Development have every reason to be humming along to Spandau Ballet’s Gold this week. After hard work this year, the department has been awarded a Gold standard award at this year’s NUS Green Impact awards, improving on the department’s silver rating last year.

Sara Lawton and Anthony Cliffe represented the department at the awards ceremony in Churchill House, Queens Park campus. This year members of the department, Dr. Rebecca Collins, Dr. Andrew Miles, Sara Lawton, Jake Barrett and Anthony Cliffe have spearheaded the department’s efforts to get gold this year.




As Sara explains why it was important to get gold …. “As a department, we’ve worked really hard this year to obtain the Gold Award.

We always strive to do our best to be a sustainable department and reduce our carbon footprint. Going for gold has made us realise there is still so much more we can do!!”



The department continued to save energy this year through initiatives such as switching off lights to recording their carbon footprint of fieldwork saving tonnes of CO2 by using public transport, to organising a bike ride to raise awareness of alternative travel routes in Chester along with many other things.

It has been a big effort to push for gold this year. The department is very proud of its achievements this year and will continue to develop and build upon their success for next year.

Staff were not only celebrating this year but also students too. Karen Elliott a final year student in the department was awarded the “Special Award 2016” for Student Leadership and there was never a more worthy winner after years of helping out Green Chester and the department. 

The department look forward to many more Gold Green Impact awards in the future.