Interprofessional Management of Perinatal Mental Health

There is growing recognition of the prevalence and complexity of perinatal mental health issues. This, together with the impact of funding changes, has led to recommendations by Health Education England and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence for further education and training at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Psychiatric disorders associated with child birth are common. There are a wide range of conditions – either new episodes of mental ill health specifically related to childbirth or reoccurrences of pre-existing mental health conditions. It is widely agreed that multiprofessional care pathways, delivered in the form of dedicated teams and individual care plans, are the most effective form of management.

This Level 7 module will be offered as an option module within the MSc in Maternal and Women’s Reproductive Health, and is available as a stand-alone module option. A Level 6 version of this module is also available. 

Module Code MW7027
Level 7
Credits 20
Cost Contact Admissions


The aim of the module is to to enable you to acquire sophisticated, current and in-depth knowledge and skills to competently contribute to an interprofessional approach to managing perinatal mental health disorders.
By the end of the module, you will be able to:
  • Critically appraise the cultural and sociopolitical context that impacts the management of perinatal mental ill health.
  • Develop sophisticated knowledge in relation to the national drivers, policy and legal frameworks that shape perinatal mental health services.
  • Use effectively recognised and standardised assessment tools to facilitate the identification of the key perinatal mental health disorders, refer appropriately, and participate in the treatment and development of effective interprofessional individualised care pathways. 
  • Collaborate with the relevant professionals to meet the current challenges effectively to improve outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable families
KSF – Core Dimensions 
This module contributes to the following core dimensions: 
1 Communication
2 Personal and People Development
3 Health, Safety and Security
4 Service Improvement
5 Quality
6 Equality and Diversity
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