The Social Construction of Ageing

The world population is ageing and this demographic shift has created a challenge for health and social care providers and personal, the public sector and those in later life. Public and professional discourses have emerged about old age that either focus on activity and wellbeing or frailty and dependence.  A number of reports suggest that older people receive substandard care, that negative attitudes amongst workers towards older people exist and that professionals fail to recognize the humanity and individuality of older people. To combat this providing education for people who work with and for older people will enable them to respond to their needs appropriately and provide an overview of contemporary ageing. 

The module welcomes a range of professionals from differing workforce groups – including support workers, voluntary sector, health and social care professionals and public sector workers.

Module Code NM7153
Level 7
Credits 20
Cost Contact Admissions

The aims of the module are to: 
  • Demystify later life and enable students to develop in-depth critical understanding and knowledge in relation to the social construction of ageing.
  • Engage students in identifying and critically reviewing their own understanding of later life, age and ageing.
  • Critically review current theoretical gerontological perspectives.
By the end of the module, you will be able to:
  • Critically discuss public and personal discourses of ageing.
  • Critically explore ageism, discrimination and attitudes towards people in later life from a professional context.
  • Synthesise and articulate conceptual frameworks and theories associated with ageing in contemporary society.
  • Critically reflect on myths and realities of ageing in a social context

KSF – Core Dimensions 
This module contributes to the following core dimensions: 
1 Communication
2 Personal and People Development
3 Health, Safety and Security
4 Service Improvement
5 Quality
6 Equality and Diversity
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