FAQs - NQT Induction

Is there a limit to how long I can do short term supply?

A qualified teacher who has not completed an induction period may undertake supply work of less than one term for a maximum period of five years from being awarded QTS.

What is it?

Statutory Induction is the bridge between ITE and a career in teaching.  It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue, with mentoring and an assessment of performance against the core standards.    (Statutory Guidance – England 1.8)

What are the requirement for completing Statutory Induction?

The requirement are that you:

  • must have achieved QTS. If you do not have QTS, you cannot start induction – and If QTS status cannot be proved, the post should be offered conditionally.
  • must be registered with an Appropriate Body before induction can begin.


In addition if working in Wales you must register with the Welsh GTC.

What is the Appropriate Body?

The Appropriate body is the organisation which has the main quality assurance role within the induction process. This can be, local authorities; teaching schools; and other organisations determined by the Secretary of State who can act in this role;


Where can the NQT year be completed?

NQTs can now serve their induction in non-maintained nurseries, independent and nursery schools, British schools overseas and in a PRU.


What is a suitable post for induction?

In order for the NQT to serve induction the headteacher/principal and appropriate body must first agree that the post is suitable for this purpose. The headteacher/principal of the institution in which an NQT is serving an induction period, and the appropriate body, are jointly responsible for ensuring that the supervision and training of the NQT meets their development needs. The duties assigned to the NQT and the conditions under which they work should be such as to facilitate a fair and effective assessment of the NQT’s conduct and efficiency as a teacher against the relevant standards   (Statutory Guidance – England 2.17)


How long does it last?

NQTs in England must serve three terms – one school year of at least 195 working days – in order to complete induction, beginning when they first take up a post which lasts a term (or its equivalent) or more.

Supply teaching in England does not count towards induction unless they are a one term or more contract.

NQTs in Wales must complete three terms, or 380 school sessions – am or pm if on supply.

Those without regular employment (doing supply work) in Wales can register and accrue sessions to complete the NQT year, this amounts to 380 sessions.

What if I move schools during the statutory induction period?

If you move schools you can continue with statutory induction providing the post is suitable.

What if I have a break in employment during the NQT year?

You can take a break in employment, either by choice or if a contract comes to an end and you have not gained another job and continue with statutory induction when you take up your next post.

What happens if I am ill during Statutory Induction?

You can take a break in employment, either by choice or if a contract comes to an end and you have not gained another job and continue with statutory induction when you take up your next post.

If you are absent from work for 30 or more school days in the induction period, your induction period is extended by the aggregate total of absences.

What about part-time employment?

When Part-time NQTs must cover the same number of sessions as a full-time NQT, but calculated on  a pro-rata basis.  195 days = 3 terms. (I term = 65 days)  To calculate the length of induction for a part-time NQT divide 195 by your part-time proportion – e.g. for an NQT with a .5 contract, divide 195 by 0.5 = 97.5 days worked per year  Induction will therefore take six terms to complete.

Is there a time limit to the completion of statutory induction?

There is no time limit but NQTs are encouraged to start their induction as soon as possible after gaining qualified teacher status (QTS), but there is no set time limit for starting or completing induction.

Can I work as a supply teacher?

In England, short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction.

In Wales, NQT’s can undertake induction through the accrual of short term periods of supply.