Dr Mattison’s expert evidence included in Royal Commission’s consultation paper

Posted on 5th October 2016

Earlier this year, Dr Michelle Mattison spent two months working in Sydney, Australia, with the Department of Justice and New South Wales Police Force, assisting with the implementation of new legislation for child victims of sexual assault.

While she was there, Dr Mattison provided televised concurrent expert evidence, alongside Professor Penny Cooper, to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.  The Royal Commission, within their recently published consultation paper on criminal justice issues, has considered Professor Cooper and Dr Mattison’s evidence.  Their evidence will be used to inform the final report by the Commission, where reforms are expected to be made to the justice system in Australia.  You can find out more about the Royal Commission and read the consultation paper here.  To find out more about Dr Mattison’s work at the University of Chester, please click here.