Reporting sensitivities

Posted on 17th October 2016

Journalism lecturer reports on the reporting of Tyson Fury.

The University of Chester's Sports Journalism Programme Leader David Randles has published a new article about the media coverage of heavyweight boxing champion's Tyson Fury's recent struggles with mental illness.

David's article - 'Leaving Tyson Fury to recover from mental health issues will test hungry media' - suggests that in some areas the press coverage has improved since occasions when papers would make clearly demeaning references to sports stars suffering with mental health problems.

David argues that "it appears that due care and attention was largely applied in much of the mainstream media’s most recent Fury coverage" but also observes that "the next test for the news and sports media is whether he is granted that space to recover in peace."

David writes regularly for a number of news sites including The Conversation and Vice Sports.