Dr Emma Wilson

Senior Lecturer

I am a molecular biologist specialising in disorders of the locomotive system.


BSc, PhD (University of London)


I have more than 10 years post-doctoral research experience centred on clinically relevant issues within a number of institutions.  My research interests are focused around disorders of the locomotive system, in ageing, injury and in response to genetic disease.




I hold a post-graduate teaching qualification, and I am program and module leader on various undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  I have presented work at both National and International conferences and in 2011 I was awarded a prestigious scholarship to present work at the Families of SMA conference in Orlando, Florida.


I am currently involved in collaborative research projects with the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease at the University of Liverpool, the Keele Neuromics group, The Centre of Inherited Neuromuscular Disorders, and the Royal Veterinary College.